e121. Grazing Lands with Hunter Lehman

e121. Grazing Lands with Hunter Lehman

Join us for an insightful conversation with Hunter Lehman of Grazing Lands as we explore his transformative journey from managing a hunting property to embracing regenerative grazing near Stockdale, Texas. Hunter shares how he stays connected with his former ranch through innovative tools like virtual fencing, and discusses the transition from stocker cows to a static cow-calf herd. We touch on the benefits of having a well-trained herd, especially during hunting season, and Hunter's strategies for dealing with invasive plants like sericea lespedeza.

In this episode, we also discuss Hunter's new role at Grazing Lands, a subsidiary of Soilworks Natural Capital dedicated to regenerative agriculture. Hunter provides insights into the use of technology such as virtual fencing and heat maps to optimize cattle management and animal welfare. We talk about the challenges of integrating cool-season grasses with recreational land use, and the mission of Grazing Lands to set a standard for regenerative agriculture in America through profitable, large-scale operations.

Additionally, we explore various cattle management strategies, from the use of polywire fencing to managing stocking rates and transitioning herds to different environments. Hunter emphasizes the importance of selecting the right genetics for resilience and productivity, sharing his experience with breeds like Beefmaster and Red Angus. We also touch on the innovative breeding strategies of Steven Lukefahr and the potential of African cattle genetics for regenerative farming. Listen in as we wrap up with practical advice for newcomers to agriculture and the influential work of grazing expert Dick Richardson.

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