e111. Revisiting Mack Farms with Eli Mack

e111. Revisiting Mack Farms with Eli Mack

Join us as we reconnect with Eli Mack of Mack Farms, who returns to share the evolution of his regenerative livestock operation since his initial visit on the podcast. Eli gives us an enlightening update on his holistic management training and how it's shaping the expansion of his farm. Focusing on cattle and sheep, and occasionally poultry, Eli offers valuable insights into the art of regenerative grazing. As we chat, we also discuss the broader impacts of these practices on the ecosystem and community, and how they're paving the way for the future of agriculture.

In our conversation, we tackle the practical aspects of expanding livestock operations, with personal anecdotes about land acquisition and the challenges that come with it, such as water access and managing parasite issues with minimal intervention. Eli and I both share experiences from our respective farms, highlighting the importance of livestock genetics in creating hardy breeds and our experiments with mixed-species grazing and innovative fencing strategies. These stories not only provide a peek into the daily life of a regenerative farmer but also serve as a testament to the commitment required to maintain and grow a successful operation.

Finally, we wrap up with an exploration of the principles of holistic land management and the transformative journey of becoming an accredited professional with the Savory Institute. Eli's experiences underscore the value of continuous learning and adapting, while I chime in with my own approach to embracing progress and the resources that have influenced my farming practices. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or someone curious about sustainable agriculture, this episode is packed with practical advice, personal reflections, and encouragement to take that first step towards a regenerative future.

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