e123. Sustainable Ranching Through Regenerative Practices with Matthew Menke

e123. Sustainable Ranching Through Regenerative Practices with Matthew Menke

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Matthew, a sixth-generation farmer and rancher from Waller County, Texas, who shares his family's agricultural journey that began in 1847. We discuss Matthew's diverse operations, including horse-quality square bale production and cattle grazing, and the invaluable support of his family, particularly his sisters. Matthew's educational background in animal science from Texas A&M initially led him to a career in preconditioning and input sales, but a transformative encounter with horse trainer Martin Black inspired him to adopt regenerative grazing practices.

Listen in as we explore the challenges and successes Matthew experienced while transitioning his family ranch to regenerative agriculture. From the initial complexities and costs of traditional fencing to the revolutionary use of electric fencing, Matthew's journey highlights the influence of industry experts and the importance of adaptive management strategies. Key changes, such as shifting the calving season and embracing principles of stockmanship, have significantly enhanced cattle management and ranch productivity.

Discover the benefits of low-input system livestock management, including the integration of heat-tolerant breeds and the strategic use of apple cider vinegar to improve digestion during winter grazing. Matthew shares his insights on custom grazing, weed utilization, and the importance of consistent grazing plans. Wrapping up, we discuss practical tools and resources that have supported Matthew's journey, offering valuable takeaways for anyone interested in regenerative grazing practices.

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