e118. Embracing Native Grasses with Kody Karr

e118. Embracing Native Grasses with Kody Karr

Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Kody, a ninth-generation agrarian from northeast Missouri, who returned to his family's farm. Kody opens up about the evolution of their farming practices, transitioning from traditional row cropping to pasture-based operations. Hear about Kody's childhood experiences on the farm, his initial reluctance towards farming due to a dislike for machinery, and how he found his way back to the agricultural lifestyle he once tried to escape. Kody's preference for livestock and grasslands is highlighted, along with the adjustments made to accommodate these preferences and the challenges and rewards of managing the family farm with his mother and grandfather.

In this episode, Kody shares insights into managing a mixed farming operation, including his passion for native grasses and habitat restoration, which he nurtured during his college years at the University of Missouri. Discover how Kody and his wife balance their roles on the farm, with his wife focusing on commercial hogs and Kody overseeing livestock, grass, and row crop aspects. Listen in as Kody discusses the introduction of rotational grazing to optimize resources, practical aspects of managing cattle and sheep, and the innovative grazing strategies they employ to ensure the health and productivity of their farm.

We also explore Kody's experiences with water management for sheep grazing, the intricacies of livestock breeding and management, and the benefits of native grass restoration. Hear about the successes and challenges Kody has faced in running a diversified farming operation, from the Lake St. Louis Farm Market to online sales. Gain valuable insights into effective grazing strategies for native grasses, and learn about Kody's favorite resources and tools for farming. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in regenerative grazing practices and the journey of modern agrarians.

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