e117. Fighting Fires and Grazing Sheep with William Vogl

e117. Fighting Fires and Grazing Sheep with William Vogl

Join us on this episode of the Grazing Grass Podcast as we welcome William Vogl from Vogl Homestead. Listen in as William shares his incredible journey in regenerative grazing, discussing his experiences in grass-based livestock production and the unique challenges of farming at high elevation with variable weather conditions. From raising sheep to managing forest understories, William provides insights into his diverse operations and how he maximizes the use of small acreages. He also reflects on his family's influence, transitioning from a homestead garden to a comprehensive regenerative farming operation, and his future plans, including setting up a sawmill while balancing a full-time job as a firefighter.

In our conversation, William and I explore the nuances of starting a sheep farm, focusing on the benefits and challenges of raising White Dorpers in Colorado. We discuss his preference for hair sheep, the selection process, and the advantages they offer over cattle for smaller acreages. William also shares his experiences with electric fencing, predator control using Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the initial skepticism from his cattle-rearing family. He highlights the ease of managing sheep compared to cattle, emphasizing their lower risk of injury and simpler handling requirements.

Additionally, we touch on practical aspects of grazing management, the role of livestock guardian dogs, and the benefits of prescribed grazing. William provides valuable tips for beginner farmers, stressing the importance of starting small and taking care of oneself to avoid burnout. We also discuss innovative composting techniques for pasture improvement and the significance of marketing sheep as a sustainable meat option. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in regenerative farming practices.

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