e116. Revisiting Horstmann Cattle Company with August Horstmann

e116. Revisiting Horstmann Cattle Company with August Horstmann

Join us as we catch up with August Horstmann of Horstmann Cattle Company, who shares his journey in regenerative agriculture since his last appearance on the podcast. August talks about his transition from Angus and Angus cross cattle to South Poll cattle, providing insights into calving, culling, and coping with drought conditions. We also explore the benefits and challenges of maintaining a diversified farm with cattle, pork, and poultry, and how current cattle prices influence his strategic decisions. August offers an update from his location in Owensville, Missouri, and discusses ongoing weather concerns impacting his farming practices.

In another chapter, we focus on the role of Border Collies in farm work. Learn about the unique challenges and rewards of owning and training these intelligent dogs, including their ability to move cattle more calmly and efficiently than machinery. We share real-life anecdotes that highlight the dogs' natural herding aptitude, training philosophies that prioritize instinct over human intervention, and how Border Collies integrate into daily farm routines. Discover the significant time savings and reduced stress on livestock that these remarkable dogs bring to the table.

Lastly, we explore the complexities of managing a diversified farm operation and transitioning from part-time to full-time farming. August discusses the balance of multiple livestock enterprises and the realization of "death by diversity," which led to scaling back operations. We also touch on the logistics of direct-to-consumer meat sales, the impact of COVID-19 on market strategies, and the shift from Barn2Door to Shopify for a more streamlined purchasing process. Additionally, we discuss favorite resources and tools for those in grazing and farming, offering advice on learning, mentorship, and matching livestock to the environment.

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