e102. Multispecies & On Farm Processing with Evan Gunthorp

e102. Multispecies & On Farm Processing with Evan Gunthorp

Join me as I sit down with Evan Gunthorp of Gunthorpe Farms to peel back the layers of regenerative livestock production and processing. Our engaging dialogue journeys through the intricacies of managing a multi-species grazing system sans cattle, touching on the delicate dance of pigs, turkeys, sheep, and ducks, all choreographed under the regenerative agriculture umbrella. Evan imparts wisdom on the unique challenges and rewards of running a USDA-inspected processing plant and how it intertwines with the fabric of their business model and local community. 

Listen in as Evan details the careful craft of their pig breeding program, with a particular fondness for Durocs and their crosses, while also embracing other breeds to refine litter size and carcass quality. We consider the implications of adding gourmet breeds like Mangalitsa to the mix, ponder the delicate balance of sow management, and share insights on maintaining a consistent breeding cycle. Our conversation spans from the pasture to the processing plant, as we tackle topics such as the logistical ballet of transporting livestock, seasonal pasture growth challenges, and the dance of turkey farming as we cater to the rhythm of the Thanksgiving market.

Hear about the gritty realities and triumphs of farming as we dissect the economic viability of hair sheep breeds and contrast pig processing efficiencies. Evan's expertise shines as we dissect the choices behind duck breeds, the farm's strategic wholesale market penetration, and the critical role of on-farm processing in sculpting their brand. Lastly, we appreciate the collective wisdom of social media groups and the underestimated value of everyday farming tools, rounding off with a contemplation on the merits of focusing on processing over slaughtering. If you're drawn to the heartbeat of small-scale farming and the insights of a vertically integrated operation, this is a conversation not to be missed.

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