e93. Following Your Taste Buds with Nathan Stucky

e93. Following Your Taste Buds with Nathan Stucky

Join me as I sit down with Nathan Stucky from Stucky Family Ranch for a fascinating look into the world of grass-fed beef farming. Nathan shares his journey from economics student to cattle rancher, detailing the establishment of his family-operated ranch and the humorous trials of treating a cow for pink eye. Listen in as we discuss the strategic decisions behind choosing the right cattle breeds for grass-fed Wagyu production and how the right genetic cocktail can yield both premium pricing and exceptional marbling.

As we wander through the pastures of knowledge, Nathan and I tackle the technicalities of setting up solar-powered electric fencing and the importance of strategic breeding practices, including artificial insemination. Discover how choosing the right time to breed and calve can have significant economic impacts and why taste tests were crucial in selecting Wagyu as the breed of choice. Hear our experiences with remote-controlled energizers and why having calm cattle can make all the difference during breeding season.

For those looking to step into the boots of a cattle farmer, this episode is packed with insights and advice. From understanding your land's resources to community engagement and defining your market strategy, we cover the essentials for newcomers to the industry. Nate from Stuckie Family Ranch also offers his contact for those eager to learn more about the cattle farming adventure. Whether you're a seasoned rancher or just curious about where your beef comes from, this episode promises a hearty serving of practical know-how and personal anecdotes from the field.

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