e97. Cows, Calves, and Creativity with Connor Laukant

e97. Cows, Calves, and Creativity with Connor Laukant

Join us as we welcome Connor from LauKant Farms and Serrated Shade to the Grazing Grass Podcast, where he shares his insightful transition from a college student to a successful grass farmer managing a substantial grazing operation. Listen in as Connor details the strategic moves that propelled his farm forward, including rotational grazing inspired by his neighbor and the utilization of government programs to transform traditional cropland into lush grazing pastures. His story is not just about cattle but also the innovative venture Serrated Shade, which we'll explore in this engaging discussion.

Lastly, don't miss our chat on the challenges and triumphs of grazing management, where Connor explains the innovative solutions for water systems on his terrain, calving schedules, and cattle breed selections. We also highlight the importance of portable livestock shade for animal comfort and the future prospects of acquiring more land for expansion. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting, this episode offers a wealth of practical advice, personal experiences, and a dash of humor to guide you on the path to farming success.

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