e96. Optimizing Grass Genetics and Profitabilty with Jared Luhman

e96. Optimizing Grass Genetics and Profitabilty with Jared Luhman

Join me as I sit down with Jared Luhmen, esteemed host of the Herd Quitter podcast and an innovative grass farmer, for a riveting exploration of sustainable farming practices and the evolution of livestock breeding. Listen in as Jared shares his personal journey from a disinterest in cattle to cultivating a passion for grazing management. Discover how he skillfully navigates the complexities of operating a registered red Angus seedstock across non-contiguous plots, while also embracing the art of starting simple and scaling up with necessity as the driving force.

Our conversation meanders through the rich history of livestock breeding and how it's shaped by generational perspectives. We discuss grass-fed systems and Jared's choice to raise Herefords over the family's Red Angus. We delve into the benefits of diversifying livestock, the transformative encounter with a New Zealand exchange student, and how adaptability in breeding practices can safeguard against market uncertainties. Additionally, we discuss the pivotal role of infrastructure, like high-tensile electric fences, in supporting modern grazing methods and the communal aspects of pasture-based farming.

Rounding off our discussion, Jared imparts invaluable insights into optimizing cattle genetics for grazing efficiency and soil health, including the quirky yet telling 'Soil Your Undies' test. We examine strategies like cornstalk grazing to cut winter feed costs and emphasize the significance of building strong relationships with landowners for grazing agreements. Plus, Jared divulges his go-to resources for anyone looking to start their own grazing operation and highlights the importance of embracing change in the agricultural landscape. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or new to the field, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories that will ignite your passion for the land and the animals that sustain us.

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