e95. One Pastor's Journey to Regenerative Farming with Rob Dowdle

e95. One Pastor's Journey to Regenerative Farming with Rob Dowdle

Join us on the Grazing Grass podcast as we welcome Rob Dowdle, a seventh-generation farmer with a rich heritage in agriculture. Rob shares his transformation from a full-time pastor to a passionate steward of the land, managing a diverse range of livestock. Tune in as Rob recounts the evolution of his farming practices, from childhood experiences on a beef feeder operation to embracing the challenges and joys of animal husbandry, including raising pasture pigs and cattle. His dedication to regenerative farming and reconnecting his family with their agricultural roots offers a personal and engaging narrative that's sure to captivate anyone interested in the farming lifestyle.

Listen in as we explore the practical aspects of farming with Rob, who delves into the nitty-gritty of pasture poultry and the economics of egg production versus meat birds. He shares valuable insights into the labor-intensive nature of managing egg layers and the decision-making that led to a pivot towards pastured pigs. The conversation takes a deep turn into the intricacies of livestock breeds, from the slower-growing, fatty Mangalitsas to the more traditional breeds favored by consumers. Rob's firsthand experiences with direct-to-consumer sales, managing farm infrastructure, and optimizing livestock for quality and marketability make this episode a treasure trove of farming wisdom.

Our discussion culminates with a look at the innovative agricultural practices Rob employs on his farm. We cover the environmental and cost benefits of integrating cover crops like sorghum-sudangrass, the significant savings they provide, and the positive impact on soil health. Rob also introduces us to the world of beekeeping, revealing how honey bees have become a complementary and low-maintenance facet of his farm ecosystem. For anyone curious about regenerative agriculture, or seeking tips to enhance their farming journey, Rob's stories and advice are not to be missed. Don't forget to visit Dowdle Family Farms' website for more updates and insights into the delightful world of farming as told by a true practitioner of the craft.


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