e94 Targeted Grazing with Lee Sexton

e94 Targeted Grazing with Lee Sexton

Join me as welecome Lee Sexton from Sexton Grazing and Consulting, who brings a wealth of knowledge on targeted grazing. In our enlightening chat, Lee shares his personal grazing journey, focusing on the nuances of managing yearling cattle. He also discusses his side business that leverages targeted grazing as a tool for soil enhancement and vegetation management. It's fascinating to hear how his grandchildren have become integral to the operation, cultivating their own grazier's eye under Lee's guidance, which stands as a testament to the value of hands-on learning in farming practices.

Listen in as we venture into the pastoral world of sheep, cattle, and wool farming near Saskatoon, where our guest navigates the intricacies of rural agriculture. Lee recounts the strategic shifts his farm had to make, such as moving livestock and tackling the repercussions of the BSE crisis and droughts, through innovative solutions like silaging a neighbor's crop. We also touch upon the quirky benefits of royal taste buds - having the Queen of England savor lamb from the farm. Additionally, Lee provides insight into the wool industry, sharing his experiences with wool breeds and reflecting on his time with the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers.

In the final stretch of our conversation, we cover the art and science of training dogs and grazing animals, revealing the symbiosis between handlers and their canine companions. Lee imparts his experiences in working with different breeds and the practicalities of daily farm operations. We also graze over the topic of holistic management and the impactful learning journey that Lee embarked on with programs like Ranching for Profit. His commitment to continuous improvement and community contribution shines through as he discusses the ways in which he's leveraged social media to share his farming journey and connect with others seeking advice. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just grazing the surface of agricultural knowledge, this episode is packed with insights that can help cultivate a more sustainable future for farming.

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