e92. Rabbits were the Gateway Animal with Angela Boenisch

e92. Rabbits were the Gateway Animal with Angela Boenisch

Join me as I sit down with the multi-talented Angela Boenisch of Highview Pastures, and we explore her fascinating transition from urban life to the heart of agriculture. Listen in as Angela shares her rich farming narrative, from her roots in dairy and hog farming to her current diverse homestead bustling with meat goats, cattle, rabbits, and layers. We cover everything from the joys and challenges of scaling up her farming operations to the integration of livestock with vegetable CSA, and even delve into how Angela's son's passion for rabbits sparked a new business venture.

In our engaging conversation, Angela and I also tackle the nuanced world of cattle breeding, highlighting the significance of temperament in farm management. Angela recounts her experiences with different breeds, such as the switch from Holstein-Angus crosses to more manageable lowlines, and the decision to move away from larger, aggressive breeds for the safety and ease of handling. Moreover, we discuss the importance of sustainable farming techniques, like summer slump bale grazing, and how Angela uses social media innovatively to market her farm products.

Wrapping up our talk, Angela and I exchange insights on the resources that have shaped our farming philosophies, such as Gabe Brown's "Dirt to Soil," and the crucial role of learning from a variety of agricultural practices. Angela's candid sharing of the hurdles she faced, like domain name squatting for Highview Pastures, is a testament to the unpredictable yet rewarding nature of farming. Tune in for a dose of real-world farming advice and the opportunity to connect with Angela's journey at Highview Pastures.


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