e91. From Dairy Roots to Grass Fed with Jordan Meyer
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e91. From Dairy Roots to Grass Fed with Jordan Meyer

Join me as I welcome Jordan Meyer to the Grazing Grass Podcast for a fascinating exploration of his farming evolution from conventional dairy to a holistic, grass-fed approach. Listen in as Jordan shares his journey, starting on his family's dairy farm and leading to the establishment of Wholesome Family Farms, where he and his wife now manage a diverse array of pasture-based livestock. You'll hear how an organic no-till project and the natural resurgence of perennial grasses sparked a transformative move to full-time grazing. Jordan also discusses the challenges and rewards of integrating multiple species, like the crucial role of goats in managing invasive species on their 500-acre farm.

In our engaging conversation, we tackle the economic side of grass-based farming, analyzing the profitability of transitioning from cow-calf operations to stocker enterprises and the savvy strategies that can extend grazing into winter months. Discover the intricacies of grass-fed cattle management, where timing purchases and sales is key, and how breed selection and direct marketing can significantly impact your bottom line. Jordan's innovative approach to farming, including bail unrolling and diverse livestock integration, illustrates how embracing sustainable practices can lead to thriving agricultural ventures.

Wrapping up our chat, Jordan sheds light on the complexities of livestock management, from the practicalities of fencing to the nitty-gritty of raw milk production. He delves into the successes and setbacks faced in grass-fed beef and dairy production, emphasizing the importance of building customer relationships and adopting a mindset geared towards regenerative farming. Finally, Jordan shares the significance of genetics in goat farming, revealing how selecting the right breeds for your system can pave the way for a resilient and self-sufficient herd. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight into Jordan's holistic farming methods and how mindfulness intersects with agriculture at Wholesome Family Farms.


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