e89. Grazing Sheep for Land Improvement with Jenn Colby

e89. Grazing Sheep for Land Improvement with Jenn Colby

Join us as we welcome Jenn Colby of Howling Wolf Farm to the Grazing Grass Podcast for a rich conversation on the art of grass-based sheep farming and land regeneration. Listen in as Jen shares her personal journey to farming, the wisdom she's accumulated through her podcast "Choosing to Farm," and her dedication to improving her Vermont land. Whether you're an aspiring sheep farmer or a seasoned hand, Jenn's insights into the importance of community learning and seeking mentorship are invaluable. We also celebrate the podcast's growth, with a nod to our nearly 100,000 downloads in 2023, and encourage our listeners to connect with fellow grass enthusiasts in our Grazing Grass Community on Facebook.

In this episode, we explore the intricate world of managing sheep with practical lessons on breed selection, overcoming parasite challenges, and the transition from raising poultry to managing wool sheep. Hear about Jenn's experiences from visiting over 300 farms and why Katahdin sheep stole her heart. We delve into the management strategies that changed the game for our operations, including the use of flexi-net fencing and how rotational grazing has been pivotal in land management. Discover how adapting farming systems to fit the needs of your livestock can result in a harmonious and productive environment, and why the right tools and workshops can make all the difference.

The conversation shifts to innovative farming practices that are both sustainable and beneficial for the ecosystem. Learn about the use of sheep in land management. We discuss bale grazing techniques, the logistics of feeding livestock, and the importance of choosing the right supplements to ensure animal health. With Jenn Colby's expertise, we touch on the nuances of lambing, sheep tagging, and the advantages of bell grazing. So, grab your favorite headlamp and a pair of sturdy boots, and join us for an episode brimming with actionable farming knowledge that will help you navigate the landscape of livestock management with confidence.

Famour Four Questions

1. What is your favorite grazing Grass related book or resource?
Jenn mentioned that her favorite book related to grazing grass is "The Art and Science of Grazing" by Sarah Flack. Also, the books by Greg Judy.

2. What is your favorite tool to use on the farm?
Jenn mentioned two essential tools she uses on her farm. The first one is a headlamp, and the second one is comfortable rubber boots.

3. What would you tell someone just getting started?
Jenn advised beginners to find pasture walks, workshops, and visit other farms. She believes there is a lot to learn from seeing how others manage their operations.

4. Where can others find out more about you?
Jenn shared multiple resources to learn more about her including her farm website `howlingwolffarm.com`, her podcast `choosingtofarm.com` and social media handles under the names `Howling Wolf Farm` and `Choosing to Farm` on Facebook and Instagram.

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