e88. Building a Sustainable Beef Business with Webb Dulin
Grazing Grass PodcastDecember 30, 202300:58:5854.05 MB

e88. Building a Sustainable Beef Business with Webb Dulin

Join us as we welcome Webb Dulin, a dedicated farmer from Maryland's Eastern Shore, who walks us through his transformative journey into grass-fed beef farming. Webb shares his fascinating transition from crop farming to raising cattle, offering a glimpse into the unique challenges he faced due to environmental concerns and the area's high real estate values. Listen in as he reveals the strategies that helped him adapt his family's generational farming legacy into a thriving livestock operation, against the backdrop of a region more known for its crop cultivation than cattle rearing.

Explore the nuances of regenerative agriculture with Webb as he details the ins and outs of starting a grass-fed livestock operation from scratch. Discover the careful considerations that go into selecting the right cattle breeds for grass efficiency and the importance of implementing rotational grazing systems. Webb provides a compelling narrative on the economic aspects of sustainable farming, including the wisdom of growing operations debt-free and the intricate balance between profitability and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

In this episode, we delve into the trials and triumphs of scaling up a beef farming venture, touching on topics from land acquisition to direct-to-consumer marketing strategies. Webb offers insight into how he navigated the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, pivoting his business model to meet new market demands. He also emphasizes the importance of embracing innovation and community engagement, and he invites fellow farmers to connect with Twin Cedar Farms, a testament to the resilience and adaptability that hallmark modern regenerative farming practices.


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