e20. Josh Ayers - Cattle, Hogs, and Poultry in Southern Ohio

e20. Josh Ayers - Cattle, Hogs, and Poultry in Southern Ohio

In this episode, a new section called The Overgrazing Section is also added where Cal takes a deep dive into one of the practices of the guests.

Listen to learn more!

[02:50] - The start of Joshua’s business

[07:23] - What led him to South Poll cattle

[09:46] - The climate in Southern Ohio

[11:49] - Stockpiling fescue

[12:57] - Angus cow and Cal

[14:09] - Trouble with electric fences

[15:31] - What fencing does Josh have

[17:06] - Joshua’s perimeter for electric fencing

[18:52] - How he does watering

[20:03] - The grazing land for cattle

[21:00] - Siphoning water line 

[22:39] - Other livestock Joshua has

[23:03] - About the business of hogs

[25:20] - His pasture poultry business

[25:35] - Chicken tractor he uses

[26:00] - How did it go with the chicken this year

[26:24] - How he does marketing

[27:28] - The Overgrazing Section- about his solar fence charger

[29:27] - Moving with paddock moves

[33:36] - His favorite grazing grass related book

[35:00] - Advice for beginning grass farmer

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