e113. Greener Pastures Ranching with Steve Kenyon

e113. Greener Pastures Ranching with Steve Kenyon

Join us on the Grazing Grass Podcast as we explore the ins and outs of grass-based livestock production with Steve Kenyon from Greener Pastures Ranching. Listen in as Steve shares his innovative approach to profitable farming through custom grazing on leased land, revealing how this unique business model revolutionized his financial situation. We also get personal, discussing the everyday challenges and triumphs of managing a farm, including the seasonal anticipation of haying and the lively conversations happening within our thriving Grazing Grass community on Facebook.

This episode is packed with tales of transformation and adaptation, from Steve's 'aha' moment during a hot, grueling day of manure hauling to Steve's journey from cattleman to grass farmer. Discover how a simple mindset shift can lead to smarter farming practices that let the cows do the work and promote a self-sufficient herd. The conversation covers the historical events that shape our decisions and the unexpected opportunities that lead to rapid growth in land holdings and custom grazing operations.

For those interested in the cutting-edge practices shaping the future of agriculture, we dive into the details of drone seeding and its potential to revolutionize reseeding practices. We also tackle the logistics of bale grazing, the search for eco-friendlier alternatives to plastic netting in hay baling, and the importance of holistic management in our agricultural systems. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just getting started, this episode is filled with insights and stories that underscore the importance of community, innovation, and a sustainable approach to farming. So tune in, and let's keep the conversation grazing!

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