e112. Mack Farms Fencing & Kiwitech

e112. Mack Farms Fencing & Kiwitech

Listen in as we welcome back Eli Mack to the Grazing Grass Podcast for a discussion on the intricacies of fencing equipment and Kiwitech's innovative offerings. Eli, with his dual expertise from Mack Farms and Kencove Farm Fence, unravels the complexities of high tensile perimeters and temporary interior fencing. He shares his hands-on experiences and preferences, such as the robustness of Ken Cove's braided twine and the convenience of Zammr handles. His insights illuminate the tangible benefits of these tools in bolstering the efficacy of regenerative grazing practices.

Our conversation takes a practical turn as we explore the nitty-gritty of electric fencing systems, tailored for effective livestock management. I recount my appreciation for remote-controlled Energizers, highlighting the ease of managing fence voltage remotely—a real game-changer in the field. We exchange stories, including one where an energizer oversight led to an adventurous heifer, and discuss the varying voltage requirements for different livestock, along with the pros and cons of solar versus battery-powered units. Through the lens of real-world challenges, we recognize the adaptability of portable electric fences despite their lower energy output.

Rounding out the episode, we offer a detailed overview of the KiwiTech Grazing System, hailed for its modular design akin to "Legos for an adult grazer." The system's efficiency in winding multiple strands simultaneously caters exceptionally well to multi-species grazing. Moreover, I touch on the practicality of KiwiTech's farming equipment, from their twisted, tight twist spools to their customizable ATV setups. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting, this episode provides valuable insights and advice on optimizing fencing strategies to enhance your agricultural pursuits.

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