e104. Working Cows with Clay Conry

e104. Working Cows with Clay Conry

Join us as we welcome Clay Conry from the Working Cows podcast to share his unexpected journey from having a tepid interest in ranching to managing a thriving agricultural enterprise. Clay opens up about the evolution of his perspective, detailing the transition to embracing the industry and the steps he's taken to optimize forage on his quarter-section of land. His insights into the family-operated ranch's dynamics, the importance of economic analysis in treating ranching as a business, and the challenges and rewards of raising livestock provide valuable lessons for anyone in the field.

In this conversation, we tackle the intricate world of ranching, from public and private land management to the complexities of family ranching succession. Clay gives a candid account of the public land grazing intricacies, and the proactive approach to succession planning, ensuring long-term operation success. We also venture into the nuances of sheep farming, comparing the economic and environmental considerations of wool and hair sheep, and discussing the shift in industry trends that influence agricultural practices.

Listen in as Clay discusses the comparison between cattle and sheep industries, addressing current market conditions and the advantages of managing feed costs and grazing efficiently. We also delve into the personal growth aspects of ranching, such as navigating imposter syndrome in public speaking and seeking wisdom beyond just knowledge accumulation. Clay's podcasting journey, from its inception to becoming a treasure trove of ag wisdom, is also on the tabl
e, providing listeners with a multifaceted look at the world of agriculture and content creation. Don't miss this enriching episode that's sure to offer a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for anyone looking to grow in the agriculture industry.

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