e71. Sow the Land with Jason Contreras

In this episode, Jason Contreras, shares his inspirational journey from being diagnosed with cancer to becoming a homesteader in North Carolina. After his diagnosis, Jason and his wife decided to pursue a healthier, more self-sustainable lifestyle, which led them to leave their city life in Los Angeles and start a small scale farming operation. They began by raising chickens and gradually added more livestock, such as pigs and steers. Jason discusses the complexities of his new lifestyle, sharing insights on various farming practices and techniques. He also emphasizes the determination and resilience required for self-sufficiency and healthier living. This episode provides valuable insights for those considering a similar path, making it a must-listen for aspiring homesteaders.

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e53. Racing to Greener Pastures with Taylor Moyer

In this episode, Taylor Moyer, owner of Ridgeview Land and Cattle, shares his journey in agriculture and innovative cattle management while balancing his career in NASCAR. From observing the land before making changes to utilizing technology for automation and monitoring, Taylor discusses his approach to rotational grazing, cattle herd development, and artificial insemination. They also explore the benefits of bale grazing for regenerating farm ground and the importance of networking and advocating for agriculture through social media. Tune in for a fascinating conversation on farming, business, and the passion for a rural lifestyle.

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