e68. Woolly Wisdom with Benton and Christy Line

In this episode, Benton and Christy Line discuss their farming journey at Guided Rock Farms in Western Nebraska. The duo share their unique approach to soil health and livestock management, focusing on minimizing soil disturbance, maintaining a diverse crop rotation, and using livestock for weed control and fertilization. Their farming operation is not limited to crop farming; they also raise Navajo Churro sheep, an ancient breed prized for its wool. They share the intricacies of their sheep and wool operation, from shearing to processing and selling wool. Despite facing challenges like capital and time constraints, the Lines remain committed to their farming goals, which include organic and regenerative farming practices. The Lines’ story offers an inspiring look into the world of beginning farmers, providing valuable insights into sustainable farming and the unique challenges and triumphs they face.

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e55. The Power of Observation and Adaptation with Leo Arnold

In this episode, Leo Arnold talks about his journey grazing corn stalks with Stocker cattle in southwest Nebraska. He discusses his educational experiences in the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and working in New Zealand, as well as the invaluable lessons gained from the Greg Judy Advanced Grazing School. We also delve into the differences in pasture management between the East and West coasts of New Zealand, exploring the use of nitrogen and fertilizer, various farm types, and calf rearing techniques. Lastly, we discuss the benefits of attending Wally Olson’s marketing school, attending grazing schools, and the importance of record keeping for tracking progress and investment returns in agriculture.

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