e30. Matt Sparacio – From Teaching to Farming

In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Matt Sparacio of Cove Creek Farm. Cove Creek Farm specializes in premium-quality GMO free, pasture-raised pork, GMO free eggs, and grassfed, grass-finished beef. For the Overgrazing Section, we discuss a cooperative project among local farmers to start a farm incubator and farm internships.

  • [01:00] – About Matt and his operation
  • [02:02] – His farming background
  • [04:43] – About his Kiko Goats and Longhorn Cows
  • [06:30] – The climate of Tennessee
  • [09:40] – About the highlands and temperature, there
  • [10:30] – About his Devons cattle
  • [12:20] – His marketing strategy in the pandemic
  • [14:39] – What made him raise Devon cattle 
  • [18:10] – The kind of forages available there
  • [21:40] – About the fencing, he has
  • [26:00] – About his Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs
  • [28:30] – Breeding and marketing the pigs
  • [31:00] – Feeding the pigs
  • [32:50] – His strategy for pricing the product
  • [36:00] – Raising the chickens
  • [39:50] – Challenges he faced as a farmer
  • [43:15] – The overgrazing section
  • [51:30] – His favorite grazing grass related book
  • [56:00] – His advice to new farmers


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Products Mentioned:

  • Gallagher Pigtail Post

Books/Resources Mentioned:

  • Greener Pastures On Your Side Of The Fence by Bill Murphy (Amazon*)

Notable Quotes

  • “If you are going to get into farming, then have a realistic expectation of the amount of work that you’re going to be doing.”
  • “There’s scientific evidence to back up that moving your animals thinking about how they impact land and what type of impact you want to get out of them can have a significant drastic impact.”

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