e29. the Shepherdess at Harmony Farms – Start as Small as Possible

In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Grace, “the Shepherdess” at Harmony Farms. Grace runs a Dorper Sheep Farm in Texas and is a Youtuber and the host of the Shepherdess Podcast. Today she shares her journey with Dorper sheep, what she is doing on her farm, and her marketing strategy.

Episode summary:

  • [01:00] – About the Shepherdess and her operation
  • [01:47] – Her background
  • [03:46] – Why did she choose sheep
  • [08:24] – The kind of infrastructure she has on her land
  • [11:50] – The climate in Texas
  • [13:37] – The kind of forages available there
  • [14:45] – The watering system she has
  • [19:04] – About the Dorper sheep, she has
  • [22:12] – The challenges she faced as a shepherd
  • [25:42] – Her marketing strategy
  • [26:40] – About her podcast “the Shepherdess.”
  • [28:20] – The overgrazing section
  • [33:00] – Her favorite grazing grass related book
  • [36:35] – Her advice to new shepherds


  • [05:07] – Sheep are a little bit more inexpensive, and if you’re working with a budget or learning something, it is a lower-cost entry thing to do.
  • [15:17] – If you think of a pie, you want to set your water straight in the middle so that your products are coming out like slices of that pie and whatever you have to move daily, make sure it’s in the center of that pie so that you don’t have to move it daily.


  • “I had the ability to make that pivot because I started small.”
  • “Your set of circumstances is going to be entirely unique and you’re going to have to use your own personal critical thinking skills to formulate solutions for your farm and your infrastructure.”
  • “My videos are an integral part of my marketing.”
  • “Start as small as possible.”
  • “Start within your resources.”


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  • Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin (Amazon*)
  • You Can Farm by Joel Salatin (Amazon*)
  • Management-intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish (Amazon*

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