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In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Ross Mathison of Out Home Farm. Ross, with his partner Kate runs the farm in Central Texas. They run an operation of Pastured Heritage Pork, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef. In the overgrazing section, they take a deeper dive into his hogs and pasture. In today’s episode, Cal also answers a question posted by a listener.

Episode summary:

  • [01:03] – About Ross and his operation
  • [09:12] – Other animals he has on the farm
  • [10:23] – The type of land he runs his hogs on
  • [14:45] – About the paddocks, he is feeding the hogs
  • [15:30] – What he is feeding the pigs
  • [15:48] – The watering system he has
  • [17:46] – The fencing he is using for the paddocks
  • [20:35] – About the Red Wattle hogs, he has
  • [23:39] – About his operation of South Poll cattle
  • [27:27] – The overgrazing section
  • [36:08] – When does he farrow the gilts?
  • [39:40] – His favorite grazing grass related book
  • [42:44] – His advice to newcomers
  • [52:15] – Answer to the questions posted by listeners


  • [11:15]- I use pigs to destroy the hay grass. 
  • [13:20]- If you feed pigs a seed or anything with seed, it’s gonna grow. 


  • “Start somewhere. Ask questions if you think you can’t do it, find somebody that’s doing it.”
  • “Dont stress out beyond your means. Do what you have to do to keep balance in your personal life. Remember, the farm isn’t your life. It’s a part of your life.”


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Products Mentioned in the Episode

  • Gallagher G50905 Fence Volt/Current Meter and Fault Finder (Amazon*)
  • Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting (Amazon*)


  • Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown (Amazon*)
  • Dirt Hog by Kelly Klober (Amazon*)

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