e26. Travis Ellis – From Wool Sheep to St. Croix Sheep

In this episode of The Grazing Grass podcast, Cal talks with Travis Ellis of Ellis Sheep Company. Travis started with wool sheep in high school but is raising St. Croix breeding stock now. The OverGrazing Section focuses on perimeter and interior fencing.

Episode summary:

  • [01:12] – About Travis and his operation
  • [03:14] – Moving from wool sheep to hair sheep
  • [04:30] – The reason he chose St. Croix sheep
  • [09:30] – The environment in Maysville
  • [11:40] – The kind of forage he has for the sheep
  • [14:52] – What he does when he has more forages than he can graze
  • [16:07] – Stockpiling forages for winter
  • [18:05] – The EQUIP loan and process
  • [21:30] – The kind of fencing he has
  • [23:18] – About livestock conservancy
  • [29:07] – The challenges he has encountered
  • [31:20] – The overgrazing section
  • [36:23] – The kind of electric netting he is using
  • [38:23] – Running poly braid on geared wheels 
  • [40:45] – The type of energiser he is using


  • [10:31] – It’s not how much rain you get. It’s how much rain you keep.
  • [11:34] – The sheep go crazy over Korean lespedeza and Sericea lespedeza
  • [23:48] – Inside the Livestock conservancy, there is a program that is called “Shave Them To Save Them”. It is for all sheep breeders wool or hair.  I have stickers, and I put what breed it is and who I am and what date I sold it. So I go around, and I collect the hair that my sheep are shedding, put it in a bag and sell it to fibre artists, and they make rugs from it.


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