e19. Will Harris – Five Species of Livestock for Meat Production

In this episode of The Grazing Grass podcast, Cal talks with Will Harris of White Oak Pastures about his journey and the five species used for red meat production. Will is a fourth-generation cattleman and manages the land in Georgia that his great-grandfather settled in 1866. In White Oak Pastures, he raises ten species of livestock and poultry.

Listen to this episode to learn more!

  • [01:31] – About will and his operation
  • [02:44] – The long list of livestock he has
  • [03:55] – Why did he implement plant grazing
  • [05:33] – Moving the cattle every day
  • [06:37] – Winters in Southern Georgia
  • [08:32] – The amount of rain they get there
  • [08:47] – Dry summers and wet winters
  • [09:05] – The genetics of cattle he has
  • [11:34] – Breeding as a problem!
  • [16:22] – The breed of sheep he has
  • [17:13] – Grazing the sheep
  • [18:21] – USDA inspected slaughter plant and poultry
  • [18:42] – Marketing grass-fed lamb
  • [19:36] – The kind of watering system he has
  • [20:05] – Managing the goats similar to the sheep
  • [20:42] – Polywire for the goats
  • [21:17] – The breed of goats he has
  • [24:57] – The struggle with direct marketing in Georgia
  • [25:32] – The breed of hogs he has
  • [27:42] – The future of White Oak Pastures
  • [30:00] – Internship in White Oak Pastures
  • [31:36] – His favorite grazing grass related book
  • [32:20] – Advice to new farmers


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  • Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown (Amazon*)



    andy hable

    I absolutely love your podcast. I own a 20 acre farm in West Central Wisconsin with land that loves to grow grass. The information I’m getting from your podcasts is pure gold. I value every discussion from species of animals, diversity of forage, to buy or make hay, handling stock, fencing techniques and equipment, tools, and books. Thank you for producing it.
    Andy Hable, Bloomer WI


      Thanks! I appreciate you listening, but I am even more thrilled that it is providing value to you!

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