e18. Austin Unruh – Silvopastures for Graziers

In this episode of The Grazing Grass podcast, Cal talks with Austin Unruh from Trees for Graziers. He discusses the Silvopasture for graziers, including why you would want to add trees and how to start.

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  • [01:37] – His journey with Silvopasture
  • [02:49] – His goal to help landowners to figure out how to use streamside forests
  • [03:59] – What trees can best compliment a pasture operation
  • [07:18] – The benefits for a farmer to introduce Silvopasture
  • [09:12] – Add multiple enterprises to the pasture operation
  • [09:57] – How to establish Silvopasture
  • [12:46] – Nitrogen fixation brings value to silvopasture system
  • [13:56] – Making livestock grazing less expensive
  • [15:50] – The role of trees in providing extra feed during the winter
  • [16:14] – Have more feed available from tree crops than from forage crops
  • [18:55] – Sheep tend to make better use of honey locust pods than cattle 
  • [20:39] – Paradigm shift  for honey locusts
  • [21:14] – In January, trees are still holding pods
  • [23:00] – Grafting on honey locust trees
  • [24:15] – Planting 10 trees per acre
  • [26:56] – Tricks that you can access through grafting
  • [29:06] – Decrease in grass forage production
  • [32:48] – How to figure out spacing while planting trees
  • [37:30] – The way to interfere least with existing grazing system
  • [39:09] – About his tree shelters
  • [41:10] – The process of removing tree shelter
  • [43:30] – The kind of management needed for the seedlings to get growing
  • [49:18] – His favorite book related to Silvopasture


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Products Mentioned in Podcast

  • Plantra tree shelters


  • Tree Crops by J. Russell Smith (Amazon*)



    Melvin Peck

    Great podcast learned a lot. Buying the book Tree Crops. I live in PA and have had tree questions for our stream and low areas. This was very helpful. Thanks 😊


      That’s great to hear! Silvopasture has fascinated me for awhile and Austin provided a lot of information. I hope you enjoy Tree Crops. Thanks for listening.

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