RR – #40 Ben Gotschall “Dairy Grazing in Maine”

Ben Gotschall joins me this week from costal Maine to talk about his migration from the sandhills of Nebraska. A near lifelong Dairyman, Ben’s pride is obvious when he’s talking about his Jersey milk cows.

Ben’s passion for the future of the dairy industry is what set him on the path that has him currently in Maine, managing a dairy with 3 apprentices from the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program we talked about back in Episode #21 with Joe Tomandl.

Ben gets a good one in when he asks me to talk about Corrientes in the context of ‘Mexican Jerseys’ so make sure you catch that toward the end.



Ep. 134 – Ben Gotschall – Managing Market Complexity




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Posted by / November 22, 2021