e71. Sow the Land with Jason Contreras

In this episode, Jason Contreras, shares his inspirational journey from being diagnosed with cancer to becoming a homesteader in North Carolina. After his diagnosis, Jason and his wife decided to pursue a healthier, more self-sustainable lifestyle, which led them to leave their city life in Los Angeles and start a small scale farming operation. They began by raising chickens and gradually added more livestock, such as pigs and steers. Jason discusses the complexities of his new lifestyle, sharing insights on various farming practices and techniques. He also emphasizes the determination and resilience required for self-sufficiency and healthier living. This episode provides valuable insights for those considering a similar path, making it a must-listen for aspiring homesteaders.

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e70. Grazing Out of the Box with Michael Vance

In this episode, Michael Vance of Southern Reds joins us to talk about their operation in Texas. Our conversation revolves around the intricacies of grass-based cattle farming, with emphasis on the importance of selecting the right genetics for the environment, the challenge of acclimating genetics, and the significance of consistency in breeding. Michael also discusses what grass genetics really is in the Overgrazing section. The conversation further delves into the potential for increased opportunity in the regenerative grazing movement and how to build a successful business model around it.

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e69. Grazing on the Homestead with Joshua Deck

In this podcast episode, Joshua Deck, a homesteader from southwest Missouri, talks about his journey into regenerative ranching and sustainable farming. Joshua discusses his techniques for transforming his 20-acre homestead into a thriving regenerative ranch. He shares his experiences with different types of livestock, soil management, garden and mushroom cultivation, and pastured poultry. He also shares insights on the importance of observing the land before starting with permaculture design, and offers advice for those starting out. This episode provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in homesteading, sustainable farming, and regenerative ranching.

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e68. Woolly Wisdom with Benton and Christy Line

In this episode, Benton and Christy Line discuss their farming journey at Guided Rock Farms in Western Nebraska. The duo share their unique approach to soil health and livestock management, focusing on minimizing soil disturbance, maintaining a diverse crop rotation, and using livestock for weed control and fertilization. Their farming operation is not limited to crop farming; they also raise Navajo Churro sheep, an ancient breed prized for its wool. They share the intricacies of their sheep and wool operation, from shearing to processing and selling wool. Despite facing challenges like capital and time constraints, the Lines remain committed to their farming goals, which include organic and regenerative farming practices. The Lines’ story offers an inspiring look into the world of beginning farmers, providing valuable insights into sustainable farming and the unique challenges and triumphs they face.

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e67. Goatscaping and Virtual Fencing with Adam Ledvina

In this podcast episode, Adam Ledvina, owner of Blue Collar Goatscaping, shares his journey into sustainable and innovative goat farming. Growing up between rural farmlands and a liberal arts education, Adam found a unique way to blend the two worlds. He shares how he transformed Kiko goats into productive assets and how he uses electric netting as tools for grazing goats and controlling invasive species. He also explores the future of farming, introducing the concept of virtual fencing for regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing.

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